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Vision and Mission

  • To promote and preserve the educational and socio-cultural traditions of people of Asian Indian ethnic heritage, Indo-Americans and Friends of India and to organize and develop arts, charitable, social, cultural and educational activities of interest to them.

  • To build a center for hosting cultural events which showcase the arts and heritage of India and South Asia. 

  • To establish funding for the continued upkeep and functioning of this Center, while preserving the sanctity and spirit of its surroundings. 

The total estimated funds for the ICC project (land, building, improvements) is around $1.6 million. As you can imagine, a project of this magnitude requires a lot of people and organizations to donate generously.
Project Avalanche was a fund-raising campaign that came about as a result of brainstorming by several community leaders who met in Februay 2010; various fund raising projects by different community organizations and volunteers including concerts and festivals were held and over $450,000 was successfully raised.

This augmented the efforts of the core fundraisng committees.

ICC is thankful to our individual donors, corporate donors and foundation partners for their financial support. The ICC is also immensely grateful to all the volunteers for their hard work, dedication and countless hours of time that have been instrumental in the progress of the center.

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