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India Cultural Center

1142 West, South Jordan Parkway, South Jordan, UT, 

Phone : 801-254-9177


Vision and Mission: 

  • To promote and preserve the educational and socio-cultural traditions of people of Asian Indian ethnic heritage, Indo-Americans and Friends of India and to organize and develop arts, charitable, social, cultural and educational activities of interest to them.
  • To build a center for hosting cultural events which showcase the arts and heritage of India and South Asia. 
  • To establish funding for the continued upkeep and functioning of this Center, while preserving the sanctity and spirit of its surroundings. 

 The India Cultural Center, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

The Tax Id is 87 067 6460




We acknowledge the annual grants from Salt Lake County’s Zoo Arts and Parks (ZAP) Program in sustaining the ICC’s cultural offerings. Please Click Here for more info on ZAP.




Board of Directors 2018

President : Prasad Trilokekar

Vice President : Vijay Koppala

Joint Vice President : Bharani Srinivasan

Treasurer : Ravi Jonnalagedda

Joint Treasurer : Vanita Jain

Secretary : Niraja Sahasrabudhe

Joint Secretary: Radhasyam Muppavarapu


Active Lifetime Trustees

Chaitanya Achan

Devi Chitrapu

Guru Bandiatmakur

Krishna Sundar

Neale Neelameggham

Savitri (Priya) Mahalingam

Shyamala Chivukula

Sneha Kasera

Venkatesh Subramanyan


Office Manager : Sreedha Madhavankutty

Operations Manager : Deepika Singareddy